About the Company

Company mission

In the face of a dynamic market environment, ChronoPay remains the leader on the market of online payments.

We have been providing our partners with new business opportunities for 12 years, transforming services in the field of IT interaction from auxiliary functions to business processes of an enterprise.


The innovative formula of ChronoPay lies in the implementation of a production function that brings added value to the business.

This approach allows our partners to move from the level of operational use of IT to getting real business advantages by saving time, increasing sales, reducing costs, and enhancing customer loyalty.

To offer the best payment solutions on the market, enabling our customers to safely and consistently attain maximum sales volumes which no other processing company can provide. Jeroen Smit, CEO of ChronoPay Group

12 years on the market

Founded in 2003, ChronoPay has great experience on the market and proven competences in the field of transaction security and customer service reliability.

As one of the founders of the online payment market in Russia, ChronoPay possesses considerable technical knowhow and the needed technological landscape, offering innovative products and services to the market on a regular basis, improving infrastructure, and in many ways setting the quality standards for the industry.

Corporate and mass market

In 2011, ChronoPay started to work with individuals directly. In 2015, ChronoPay fully updated its product solutions and services.

These changes allowed the company to significantly strengthen its position on the corporate (public and corporate customers) market and extend the scope of the services offered to private clients on the online payments market.

International experience

ChronoPay is one of the leading operators of online payments in Russia, consisting of a group of companies with branches in several countries.

ChronoPay was the first international IPSP (Internet Payment Service Provider) to enter the Russian corporate market.

International security standards

The company successfully passes annual PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certifications conducted by Security Research & Consulting GmbH, a licensed auditor of VISA and MasterCard.