15 October 2019

ChronoPay becomes a member of the center bank in Russia (FinCERT)

Moscow, May 23, 2019.  The Central Bank of the Russian Federation, represented by the First Deputy Director of the Information Security Department A. M. Sychev, and the international processing company ChronoPay signed an agreement on cooperation in countering computer attacks.

The main purpose of cooperation is to study computer incidents in order to identify patterns of their occurrence and distribution dynamics, to develop development models, to prepare forecasts of threats to information security and to improve the effectiveness of prevention strategies, to detect and identify the causes of computer incidents, to respond to and eliminate their consequences, as well as to increase the level of information security of financial transactions.

For its part, as part of the agreement, the ChronoPay will share its experience in countering and preventing violations on the Internet related to phishing and the spread of malicious software. Consultations, seminars, and conferences on countering computer attacks are planned.

“Protecting information from malware and spam, identifying cybercriminals, preventing DDoS attacks is only a small part of the tasks that are part of the concept of information security. It is possible and necessary to fight evil, but it can only be won together,” has underlined Pavel Vrublevsky, the ChronoPay CEO.