1 October 2019

Pros and cons of internet acquiring

Internet acquiring is the most popular way to make payments on the Internet.  An increasing number of online stores and services are connecting to accepting payments by bankcards because of obvious advantages.  One of the important issues in organizing the procedure for receiving payments through the site is the choice of the payment system.  What you should pay attention to:


 Easy to connect and configure integration with the resource;

 What means of payment and currency are accepted;

 Convenience and functionality of a personal account for high-quality sales analytics, as well as various monitoring tools;

 Security when transferring payments from one account to another;

 Charged percentage of commission for services.



 Pros for the seller

 - Reduced the risk of failure of the buyer to purchase upon receipt of the goods, as the goods were paid in advance before receiving them;


 - You will be able to sell your goods or services around the clock, while it is not necessary to participate in the process itself, since the funds are automatically transferred to your account;


 - Thanks to the convenient payment through the site, you will significantly improve the quality of interaction with customers and increase the speed of delivery of goods;


 - If you want to scale your business, then when you connect online acquiring, you can sell your products online around the world;


 - Internet acquiring for IP and LLC is able to significantly increase customer loyalty due to the affordable choice of a more convenient way to pay for a product or service by providing several payment methods;


 - Partial automation of business - acceptance of payments and crediting of funds to the account will occur without your participation.  The seller has to send the goods to the buyer.



 Pros for the buyer

 - The buyer can effortlessly pay for his chosen product, having at hand only a laptop or smartphone with Internet access;


 - There are no additional amounts that are not specified in the conditions of interaction with the seller or organization;


 - The client can make sure in advance of the availability of goods in stock, which greatly simplifies the ordering process, in contrast to the offline store;


 - The price of a product or service on the Internet is significantly lower than in the offline store;


 - Reduced the risk of charging additional fees that are not specified in the conditions of cooperation with the seller;


 - Do not worry that the store closes.  Payment for goods or services occurs at any time convenient for the buyer.  It remains to arrange delivery;


 - The possibility of a refund if the goods of inadequate quality.



 Cons for the seller

 - Distrust of the domestic consumer before Internet acquiring, associated with fraudulent frauds on the Internet.  Fear of theft of cash from bankcards, as well as the transfer of personal information to third parties;


 - The necessary procedure for providing the acquiring bank with information on the activities performed.  You are required to provide the acquiring bank with a certain package of documents and information regarding the activities performed by the individual entrepreneur or LLC;


 - Commission up to 6%, which is charged by the acquiring bank from each payment;


 - Not all banks provide the opportunity to work with Internet acquiring;


 - Electronic payment system is not insured against failures that can lead to a significant loss of customers;


 - The bank is able to give a refusal to provide services without explaining the reasons;


 - Acquiring banks charge a fee from their customers, which can be up to 6% of the payment amount.



 Cons for the buyer

 - Not all plastic cards are suitable for making a purchase via the Internet;


 - The system may fail to pay for the goods, which will lead to the write-off of funds, but not crediting them to the seller’s account;


 - There is difficulty in checking a particular company, as well as clarifying the legality of the seller’s trading activities;


 - Cases of the risk of delivery of goods late are not excluded;


 - There is a risk of fraud by fraudsters or unscrupulous sellers on the Internet. Accepting payments on the company's website gathers a huge audience of customers, since the main factor is saving their time.  Despite this, acquiring is obliged to work without failures; otherwise, you can lose the trust of loyal customers.  Market experts regularly mark Chronopay as one of the best processing companies.


We provide customers who have connected acquiring services with a high level of communication quality, using only modern technologies and equipment.  When you connect the payment system to the site, your company will be able to implement all possible processes for a comfortable online payment.  Provided round the clock customer support, transparent reporting, and most importantly - modern protection for transfers.  Reconciliation and tracking of mutual settlements will always be available in your account.  Internet acquiring meets all modern safety standards.  Tariffs are calculated for each client individually.


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